I hear great things about this drug. That other ataxians use it and they can function A LOT better after a month. I’m going to take this while waiting for a certain treatment to be developed. Anyone heard anything about this?

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I haven’t heard of this but during my research I have found this is a supplement that is an antioxidant so I’m confused on what it helps. What does it does it do to help us function better?

Its supposed to help you on a cellular level increase cellular health and improve ATP and all that good stuff. I just ordered it so i should be getting it soon. I will post results.

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does someone take it here? thanks!

I am going to start taking it today.

Please let us know how and it it works!

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Protandim is a dietary supplement. It’s said to ramp up your own naturally occurring free radical defences.

One of the ingredients is Turmeric. I took part in a recent study of this. Surprisingly, I think this helped give me pain relief. Overall, the study concluded that taking Turmeric cooked in food was more beneficial than taking in tablet form. But, I was told it wouldn’t change anything re ataxia.

hey you @Dolo23, is it somehow working? Thanks!

Wow Beryl, that’s really interesting. I tried turmeric for arthritis pain for a while, and I didn’t think it did any good. But cooked in food … trouble is, I like Indian food but not every day. It has such a strong and distinctive flavour. TJ says that American yellow mustard is loaded with it, though. Who knew?

I’m about two weeks into taking protandim. I will see what happens after a month.

Its only been 2 weeks. I was told to wait a month. I will let you know the results.

Seenie, I like Tandoori Chicken and ChickenTikka but that’s as adventurous as I get😉

Personally, I really struggled cooking meals with Turmeric, I think it’s an acquired taste😉 I was required to add 2 teaspoonfuls to cooking every other day for 6wks😑
The group was split into three … Placebo - Turmeric Capsule - Turmeric Powder

Blood and urine samples were taken at the start and at end. > … > Health & Wellbeing
Series 5 Episode 3

If the link fails, google and search ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’. It was Series 5 Episode 3


BTW, The info on the link says 1 teaspoonful every day, it’s
not what I was told🙄

Beryl, I hope they gave you a medal after your participation in that trial! I’ve been to India and eaten Indian food 3x a day for four weeks, and I loved it. But two teaspoons … that is one helluva lot of turmeric. St. Beryl of the Spicerack. :innocent:

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So this is a supplement? Where does one purchase it?

Protandim is a dietary supplement, usually available over the counter or Amazon. But as with anything taken orally, best discussed with a Neurologist first in case of interaction with already prescribed medication :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Perhaps I’ll mention it at my Good Shepherd evaluation next wed. Thank you.

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Hey you @Dolo23, how is it going?

Would love to know how Protandim is going.

:slightly_smiling_face:Hi Rachel. There hasn’t been much discussion about Protandim. If you click on ‘Joy’s’ picture, you can send her a private message to ask about it :thinking: xB

I have sent her a PM but wanted another opinion as well