Questions regarding SSDI

I just got my approval 2 weeks ago and I did NOT use an attorney. I was told by an attorney to wait and apply when I was no longer working, to document everything, and that it might help to apply in person (although the local office is not who makes the decision). He also said to list everything whether you think it is related or not - even something as vague as fatigue.

I was approved after 7 months, but they backed it (the pay) up to 5 months. Things really started moving (6 months of waiting) after I contacted my congressman - I was told that congressional inquiries go to the front of the line.

trina how did apllying for disability go for you. good i hope

TinaD said:

Thank you all so much for your replies! They are all very helpful as I am anxious about starting this process, however I see no other choice. Work and creating income have always equalled independence and freedom to me. But caring for myself right now feels like a full time job. I also want time with family to build lasting memories. I am so exhausted after all the Dr. appointments and work that I just collapse into bed.... Only to stare at the ceiling unable to sleep!

Hi Tina. How have you made out with this? I used a company in Mass. To help me get SSDI. Let me know if you need their info.