Rare diease day cafe/ information event

hello all, I volunteer at the Barrie Community Health Centre and I am putting together an event on Rare disease day to show some of the more rare disease's. one of the disease's I chose to feature is cerebellar ataxia but I need help putting together a display, also is there anyone near Barrie who would be willing to stand at the display and tell people about it?

RareDiseaseday website has some very good hints and tips http://www.rarediseaseday.org/article/get-involved-organise-an-awareness-raising-activity

let us know how you get on

Alan - Wales, UK

Thanks Allan, but what I need is some info on ataxia, I am doing three other display boards, one for histiocytosis, one for Epidermolysis bullosa, and one for Ehlers–Danlos syndrome. I'd appreciate anything on ataxia.

Hi Randy - I know that you’re looking for Ataxia-specific info. I’m not sure exactly what you’re wanting for the event, but you might check the other Ataxia site on Ben’s Friends, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, or the e-Book offered through Ben’s Friends.

Also, here’s a link to a video that helps to explain what Ataxia is:


Maybe Jonas http://forum.livingwithataxia.org/profile/JonasCepkauskas?xg_source=profiles_memberList has some advice/info,

fight Ataxia http://www.fightataxia.org/

Alan Wales