RarediseaseDay - New York - Flash Mob (rehersal)

We are dancing for a cure
Come join the fun
In honor of Rare Disease week we are organizing a flash mob to raise awareness for Sanfilippo and all rare diseases a like.
If you have never done a flash mob before or you think it might not be for you, I promise you will have a lot of fun. Here is how it works:
  • RSVP HERE and stay undated on all the news
  • Go to this link to learn the fun, simple Choreography: http://youtu.be/It2ULsSTCYcÂ
  • Recruit family and friends to learn it with you
  • If you can, attend our scheduled rehearsals
  • The night before, our secret flash mob location will be revealed!
  • We will gather at secret location on March 3rd and dance for a cure!