Resting tremor treatment

Hello all,
I hope you are doing well,
My mother has had ataxia for the past 8 years and she seems to have symptoms of multiple system atrophy as well.
Over the past month she started developing a tremor in her hand when it is at rest.
When she uses it ,the tremor goes away,it seems the tremor originates from her tricep twiching.

Does anyone know of any treatment for the muscle twitching?
I read that a botox injection might help,but I don’t know much else.
We asked a neurologist but he just gave us something called biotin,which doesn’t really seem to do anything .
We live in Lebanon where resources on ataxia are far and few in between
Thanks for any advice in advance

:slightly_smiling_face: Ataxia members on other groups do mention Botox injections have helped with Tremors…but it could be a case of trial and error’

Botulinum Toxin Injections - Essential Tremor.

thank you Beryl_Park,we’ll look into that

AFAIK, Biotin is a vitamin that works with the skin and not Ataxia.