has anyone having trouble with there voice,my brother phoned me today and after a short while his voice is gone,,my mother had SCA6 and myself my sister and 2 of my brothers have it,We know what to expect as we looked after our mother for years,but my mothers voice was still fine ,

I am having problems with speech, I am having a hard time with certain letters in a word like Volvo. I had cancer of the neck and have some problems there but its been 11 years since the operation. I find I am memory problems and my fingers don't work as well lately and incontinence has set in. I am in a wheelchair some of the time but I can still stand. I have had ataxia symptoms for about 6 years now. Jerry

I haven't lost my voice but it's pretty well gobbly gook! Get a speech therapist to check it out b/c anything is possible with all types of Ataxia..

I have Ataxia (cause unknown). My voice comes out horse but my words are not slurred so far.