Sheffield appointment

I have my first appointment at sheffield, in december, with dr hadjivassiliou, could someone tell me what to expect on my first visit?

If he is a neurologist, he will take a history, and then ask you to perform some rather simple tests. I think it is amazing how quickly Ataxia can be diagnosed. They tell a lot from talking with you and observation of your gait, speech, etc. But, your dr.may ask for blood tests too and genetic testing.


hi Jason - this is my neurologist, he is fantastic! As Umigal says this is what he will do - take a history, do the touch your nose and then his finger, maybe walk in a straight line, that sort of thing, and he will examine you, then he will take some blood and test for things like antibodies, vitamin E deficiency.

Please dont be worried as he will put you at ease Im sure, he is quite reserved but he really listens and Ive found him very easy to chat to he seems to genuinely care for his patients. he is fantastic and I think you're lucky to get to see him so dont worry! Happy for you to message me privately if you need to.

tips are - leave enough time to find a parking space if you're coming by car as parking can be a pain around the hospital - if you can pick up a number from the blood clinic before your appointment with Prof H (he's now professor!) as waiting for bloods can take ages but waiting to see the prof isnt!

best wishes,


Hello Jason, I live in the States, but have heard nothing but great things about Professor H. in the Uk at Sheffield! Not to worry, as you'll be in good hands! ;o)

Hi Jason!

I've heard nothing but praise for Prof 'Marios' !

Best wishes xB

where is Dr. hadjivassalou located?

Prof. Marios H is also my Neurologist.

I travel from Wes Wales (over 5 hours by train)

It is very worthwhile to know that my Ataxia is being monitored by someone who is very knowledgeable and is very good with his observations and will make sure you have the correct investigations aligned with your diagnosis.

He is well know over the globe for his Gluten sensitivity (Gluten Ataxia) expertise.

you are in GOOD hands


Jason Hi,

I came back on Livingwithataxia, I just saw your message.I am Maggie,live in Preston and Dr.Hadjivassiliou is my consultant.I think you do not wonder anymore what to espect from your first visit. Its ok but the worst thing is that he tells you that there is no treatment.