my wife same sir in india please helpme

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I am not sure how to help you, but here is the address and phone numbers of an ataxia center in India.
I know India is a big country and I have no idea how far you are from there, but may be you can call them for help. my best wishes to your wife. Good luck!

Give us more details as to what you need please.

I'd like to help but I can't read this! What do you want help with?

Dear Sir, I, like others, are not sure what you're asking. From what I could read in your attachments, your wife has hereditary cerebellar ataxia (atrophy of the cerebellum of the brain), as other people in her family have same ataxia symptoms, therefore hereditary. If this is what you're wondering about, I would suggest you speak directly to her neurologist, to get the answers you desire, as, although I have ataxia, I have no medical training and am just assuming. My best to you and your wife...,;o)

May be you could try and contact this group.

Great sites you posted for Sir, Cicina! ;o)