Sleep disturbance

Anyone with SCA 2 have any strange sleep disturbances??? Recently, each morning, I waken at 6.30 each day (insomnia), or would wake up during the night. Is there anyone else who has or who is experiencing similar problems? This time last year, I was sleeping like a log.


Yes. Since the condition established itself I have experienced mainly nights of broken and/or incomplete sleep. I usually wake after four to five hours and then read. On those now rare occasions when others have expectations of me the following day I take a sleeping tablet which is non prescription and which I buy over the counter at the local pharmacy. Now that I am seventy such occasions are rare.

Hi, I have the same problem, but I diagnosed with sleep apnea and have to wear mask at night now and I usually only sleep for about 4 hours, but it is definitely a better quality of sleep and I do feel more rested and awake than before. The mask can be uncomfortable but it is worth it in the end. I also find the early sunrise can cause you to wake, if your room gets to light.

i have sometimes sleep disturbance , but i am not sure that it has connection with ataxia . sleep disturbance may be a result of mental tension or gastro problems.if those problems countinue it's better for you to ask your doctor .



Although I have ataxia, it's not SCA2. Mine is of an unknown cause. Like Madrap, I too have sleep apnea and use a C-Pap machine at night. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea at the same time as my diagnosis of ataxia (my neurologist says many people with ataxia also have sleep apnea...,who knew?). Anyway, my sleep patterns have changed over the years (I'm 60 years young). I'm honestly not sure why, combination of reasons I guess...,;o)

I get up t 7 in the morning to start my day, with my 3 cats, and be a caregiver to my 84 year old mother who is homebound, and does very well by her own, she just needs me to clean, shop, do her meds, and sit and visit. I do not drive, so I do everything on my tryke for her and I. By the time 2 O'clock in the afternoon comes around, I am totally exhausted. I take a nap, which leads into full blown in bed for the night with TV. I wake up t 3, and just wait, toss, and turn for 7 AM to come, so I can do the same thing all over again...

I have cerebellum ataxia and I talk and scream in my sleep. I sleep thru it but my husband does not and complains a lot!

I have Sporadic SCA ataxia. I developed sleep problems and the fog was getting just unbarable for me I had to do something to help me with this.

I wanted to direct you to a discussion I wrote on this a few months ago now.

By tweaking things I'm doing a lot of little things that are helping me with this that I wanted to share in hopes one might help you too.I'll mention just a few that I do that help me.

I drink allot more water in the day (6-8 glasses) and cut it off before 6 so I only get up one time at minimum.

I have peanut butter 1T before bed on a cracker or rice cake. I heard on Dr. Oz that a person might wake up from being hunger without realizing it. I thought I wasn't but thought I'd try it anyway. I guess I was because I sleep much better now.

I'm keeping a ceiling fan on all night to have air moving constantly.

I go to bed and up at the same times everyday. I charge my cell phone in the other room but use it for an alarm to wake at the same time.

I make sure my sheet isn't too tight on my legs.

I keep my feet out to breath.

The more exercise/steps that I take in the day it seems to help me sleep better cause I'm exhausted.

If I wake up I use that time to pray and ask for help to sleep.

I limit my caffeine to one 1/4 cup at waking time only.

There are probable other little things that I do but these were the major one's that I shared with you.

Anyway here is what I wrote about my fitbit flex that I found that is REALLY helping me so much!

Yes, Mine was quite bad. I used to take 2 benedryl to sleep about 6 hours. But it got worse, I would wake up every 2 hours. So now I'm on Klonopin 2mg and half a benedryl to sleep thru the night.

See a sleep specialist. many with Ataxias develop Sleep Apnea, you actually stop breathing - over and over during the night. If untreated, one time you may just stop......

Best of luck,