Another night of confusion. I'm tired but cannot sleep. I feel itchy all over, especially my arms and legs. My head is all over the place. I'm really out of focus tonight. I'm very agitated. I've taken my Lyrica. hope they kick in soon, also my solphadine (painkiller). I find them good. Staying up in living room.If I go into bed, I'll keep the wife awake, that would not be fair on her. Should take a sleeping tablet but I don't like them. I like to sleep on my own terms. Oh what we (ataxia sufferers) go through. I know there is a lot of you having trouble sleeping tonight and I wish you all the best. If anyone has a good cure, let me know please. I'm feeling really agitated now so going to listen to some music now and try to relax.Good night and God Bless.

Hi Fran the Man,

i`ve read that Solphadine is hepatotoxic. Maybe the itching comes from your liver? What concerns the sleeping, i appreciate my single room. It s easier to sleep in whit some troubles. Also helps me: Taking a shower in the morning and then creaming the whole body.(a shower in the evening might disturb me for the night); fresh clothes and bed laundry; fresh air from the window. Some layers of clothes and bed clothes which i can accomodate to my actual needs. When i wake up in the night, it s really easier to go on sleeping when i do not stand up, - or only stand up for the toilet and afterwards go to bed soon. Not switching on the light. When the body or face burns - put some water on it (there is existing also a spray with sort of sea-water) what s the opinion of your wife to this problem? Would she like to have beds in separate rooms to enhance your sleep quality?

Kind reards, Akita

Hi Akita, What is hepatotoxic. It doesn't sound to good. I sometimes do sleep in the single room if I think I', going to have a bad night. Ye, I think your right about the showers. I do feel a lot better afterwards. My face never bothers me, it is always my arms and legs that hop all over the place or the pins and needles all over my body. My wife understands the problem but she would rather have our bed, not two single beds, I am actually getting used to being awake in the nights now, I watch a lot of documentaries on tv. My neck does give me a lot of bother, it gets sore and stiff a lot and when I go to turn it cracks, Thanks for your advice. I do appreciate it.

hepatotoxic = not healthy, poisonning the liver.

So sad.

Aren t there some medicaments for you mildering this state?

Asking myself and you all

Kind regards,