Fran's Ataxia

This isn't really a discussion but I just wanted to write this any way. To help me. The last few days have been terrible My arms and legs just have no strength in them. I've been fuzzy, out of focus, like I'm in a daze. Itching and pins and needles all over, and very irritable and uneasy. Sometimes I feel emotional, like I'm want to start crying. Even now while I'm typing this, the pins and needles are driving me mad and I am feeling emotional. Sometimes it just gets you down and everytime it gets harder and harder to get back up. You know, when your feeling useless and can't do anything but sit there. I hate feeling emotional, it makes me feel vulnerable. I know we are all in the same boat but I just need to do this, and let off some steam. Thanks. Fran

In such situation a calm time for myself helps me. In this time caring only for myself and doing the cures for my body which i know. There should exist some meds against your itching, wishing this so. Actually i have got also an emotional problem. I take carbamazepine which helps me - surprisingly - quite a lot, not only for the sort-of-seizures which i experienced recently, but also for my eyes and my stomach and my unvoluntary small movement. But - this wonder drug makes me some how emotional and depressed. As i don t like this i hesitate to take in the drug. In the evening i have not these effects, but during the day, shortly after intake.Do you also experience an increased emotionality after taking lyrica?

The best in this situation for me is to lie down and relax.

Have good day or nighttime,i m going sleeping now, and afterward to the clinic for some talks.

Akita :)

i take this: Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water 1,8 0z in the pharmacy for Euro 2,50

Don `t understand why the same bottle costs so much more on amazon. But surely your pharmacy will have some similar spray for you. Maybe this helps a little.

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