I have FA and been in a wheelchair full-time for about 10 years now. I suffer from spasms in legs and on Baclofen. My legs tend to extend straight out with my feet pointing fowards in my chair unless I tie them to my foot plats. They do relax down when I am still not when I'm pushing or being pushed though.

I do have splints, which help when I get them on but cannot tolerate them for long as my feet want to roll on their sides causing a lot of pressure to build on the edges of my feet.

My legs and feet are getting worse, so I really need to use the splints more but can't tolerate them. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggested ways to help?



Hi Dave

I’m sorry to say I’ve no advice, I was just struck that I could have written exactly the same as - word for word - I have the same problems.
I know anxiety makes it worse, I too would be interested in your replies.


I also suffer the same as you both but
they are a nessecery evil.my splints also bruise my legs and ankles as well.

Dear Dave, Although I have ataxia, I do not have FA. Have you spoken with your neurologist about this problem? Also google "splints for neuro-muscular disease", as you may find a useful site with something more comfortable! My best to you..., ;o)

your age dave?

Thanks all, sorry to hear others are having simialr problems - although, glad I'm not alone.

I'm in my late 20's. Neurologist is suggesting to surgery to extend achellies (not sure technical name) but not sure how practical this is given I live on my own (recovery could be long and painful) plus not sure it will solve the rolling. Being referred to a foot doctor (again, sorry i don't know technical name) so see what he/she says.