Stem cells, do they work for episodc ataxia?


I was researching about stem cells. Have you tried it out? Any success stories. We are not quite sure what my son has but it seems like episodic ataxia? We will know tomorrow.


:smirk: I’m sorry to say that at this present time Stem Cell Therapy is still undergoing research regarding any benefit to Ataxia. :smirk:xB

Thanks so much Baryl you are always so kind!

Hi, I’ve seen some videos on YouTube from people suffering with Ataxia benefiting from stem cell therapy.
Anyways the therapy is so expensive it is unaffordable for people in Brazil.

As Beryl said, Stem Cell Therapy is sill undergoing research. My neurologist says this research is still in it’s infancy. My best to you…,;o)

Thanks!!! My husband is Brazilian so I might ask him to checkbook that out with a neurologist he knows over there! Thanks so much

Thanks so much Rose!!


I received stem cells in Bangkok. I have SCA Type 8 so if there were results, they seemed to be minimal however I met a friend in Bangkok who I believe has episodic ataxia and he benefited from the stem cells. It was quite amazing to watch. Check out Beike on the internet and you can see videos. The patient in Ryan Van Der Mere (sp?) and he had a video showing his improvement. It is expensive but the healthcare team is very caring there.

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At the present time, there is no scientific evidence that Stem Cell Therapy is a cure for any of the Spinocerebellar Ataxias. It’s very expensive, and if anything, may offer only short term improvement or pleateauing of certain symptoms in specific cases. :smirk: xB

It actually goes a little further Beryl. Not too long ago, stem cell therapies were being advertised in China as the cures for almost all illnesses. They didn’t work and actually caused further problems. That’s why you never hear about it anymore. Not only was it VERY expensive, it was causing some folks to get tumors.

Point being, stay far away from all “cures.” If something does become available it will be well announced from REAL sources. Remember Laetril [spelling?] for Cancer? Did not work except to put your hard earned money in other people’s pockets.

I haven’t actually heard of Laetrile (amygdalin), so I looked it up. I didn’t expect to start wondering if I should worry about eating apricot seeds etc :thinking: There were a couple of clinical trials done on cancer patients, on behalf of the National Cancer Institute. But, at the end of the day, the drug wasn’t approved. As with ataxia, there is still known cure :smirk: xB

I believe in stem cells but arn’t ready yet for neurological problems for now.
I’ve been tracking gene editing (CRSPER) they are making great advances in this!
It deals with stem cells as well.