Neurogen India

Does anyone have experience with Neurogen in India? They also do stemcel treatment.

Anybody did stemcel therapy?

:slightly_smiling_face: Some people do say they have tried this therapy…but it is not yet effective for ataxia.

The National Ataxia Foundation is deeply concerned that some clinics in the United States and around the world are promising stem cell-based treatments for ataxia without oversight and other standard patient protections. They boast stunning rates of cures without scientific evidence to back those claims. In essence the only thing they do provide is cruel health fraud, at an exorbitant price, preying on the desperation that patients and families feel in the face of this untreatable neurological disease.
Stem cell therapy may one day be a reality for ataxia, as it is now for blood cancers which bone marrow transplants can cure, but the science for neurological disease is not at that point yet. Scientific research, in general, is a long and involved process. Even though we have a greater understanding of the disease mechanism for the ataxias, translating that into a cure with stem cell therapy will take more research. We believe there is promise for stem cell therapies in some neurologic disease, but for now patients need to know that currently there are no stem cells that can fix the brain, improve ataxia, or prevent the worsening of ataxia. Some stem cell therapies may even worsen ataxia or cause other unanticipated serious health consequences. Another consideration for a patient electing to try unauthorized “stem cell” injections is being disqualified from future trials of authorized disease modifying therapies for ataxia.

Neurogen in India mentions especially Ataxia on their website and also that India is very advanced on stem cell research and therapies. You say it is BS (fraud)?

Definitely be guided by the National Ataxia Foundation statement.

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