I exercise 3× a day and the stiffness in my knees and legs will not give me any relief. Also I am afraid to go down steps but I can go up.Any ideas *?

Hi, I can also go up steps well, but not down them, so someone suggested to me to go down backwards just making sure you held on to the railing good. So far this has worked great for me. If I do go down them, I will step, put down the other foot on the same step, take another step, put both feet on the same step, etc. till I am down the stairs. Takes a long time but it works too.

Have you heard of the condition called Stiff Person Syndrome? I have this with cerebellar ataxia.
Worth you exploring this.
Do you startle very easily? Is your back and neck stiffening?
Are you with a neurologist? Is rare so they may not have seen a case before.
Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on. Ive lots of info if it is this.