Still staying strong!

Still staying strong! I decided to start therapy last week but got a severe allergic condition that also became a neorologic, terrible, 2 day head ache... my neurologist never answered (probably besause it was sunday),but I felt so tired of having pain sometimes I cryed...I decided to go to a 24 hour doctor who told me I was drinking really hard medicines and ended up with 2 analgesic shots... I feel a lot much better, my pain desapeared and I could sleep without pain after days of having it! I feel still strong because of you, I still want to go to therapy after this, and I want to do it for me...

Well done Cynthia.. sending hugs. xx

I will for sure!

I can sympathize with you about the headaches. I had a lumbar puncture last Tuesday and still have the headaches. It is most miserable. I am glad you finally did get some relief. I am going to physical therapy too. It is helping me. It had reached a point where is was making me feel bad and I talked to them and told them it was taking me nearly two days to recoup after therapy and they backed down some and things are going much better now. I hope that therapy helps you.

Dear Cynthia, So glad you're feeling better! Unrelenting pain is so debilitating! Physical therapy is very helpful as I go every year for 15 visits (what my insurance covers). Then I continue to do the exercises at home. ;o)