Supplements and Medication

Every once in a while I discover a new “pill” that someone claims to help or cure all. I consume them for a while only to an end of disappointment!! I seldom spend great hoards of cash, its gotta be cheep. I refuse to break the bank for something that hasn’t been proven.
Currently I have cleared my medicine and supplement line-up.
My medicine cabinet resembles a pharmacy isle. It contains a plethora of disappointment.
I am fairly skeptical of wonder drugs that claim to cure what ails me. I have certain criteria that must be met before I try.

  1. Does the seller or claimant appear sketchy? I often scrutinize individuals that appear to be selling some sort of miracle snake oil. Why haven’t my doctors heard of your medicine?
  2. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Again why haven’t my doctors suggested I try this?
  3. What documentation do you have/testimonials that this actually works? Why haven’t my doctors or anyone else heard about this?
    I may ask more questions, but I risk repeating myself and may sound like a total pessimist. Usually the person trips up on one of these three questions.
    Drugs or treatments most often are subject to strict trials and testing before they are placed in the hands of Joe Blow. They are usually tested on poor lab animals to see if the animal makes it with little or no side effects.
    Please don’t get me wrong, make no mistake, I want a treatment or a cure for ataxia, more specifically in my case MSA. I’m willing to take a little risk to make a discovery, but I have a desire to survive and I don’t want to be worse off.
    I’m forever watching potential discoveries in other conditions or diseases to see if they will possibly treat mine.
    I try to approach new drugs or treatments with caution and scrutiny. I am, however willing to try anything if I think it shows potential and it passes my questioning. It wouldn’t surprise me if a discovery to cure or treat ataxias comes in the form of something simple, unexpected, or intended for something different.
    If it works my healthcare professionals will let me know I’m sure, I have faith in them.

I’m with you brother.

I totally agree. It’s all too easy to be ‘sucked into recommendations’. Obviously certain things will have a positive response for someone, just not everyone… Trial and error can be frustrating,and expensive…
For example… I first started having eye problems we’ll before being diagnosed with ataxia. Over a period of time, I spent a small fortune on trying virtually every combination of lenses, including buying different frames, hoping to solve my problem. Only after I was eventually referred to a NeuroOpthamologist was the problem properly diagnosed.
And, the amount of ‘helpful pills’ I’ve accumulated would stock a small pharmacy :roll_eyes: I’m inclined to agree, the eventual ‘cure’ for our condition is likely to come off the back of research for something else entirely. And, hopefully sooner rather than later :slightly_smiling_face: xB

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