Swallowing difficulties

I saw someone about swallowing recently. They told me some interesting facts that may help others.
a) a drink is better than a cough as it reduces build-up of mucus, which causes swallowing difficulties
b) drink in sips rather than in bulk
c) your mouth should always be clear, this prevents tiny bits of food being swallowed as you breathe. They might then go down the ‘wrong hole’ into you lungs which could be life threatening especially if you have swallowing difficulty
d) always have a drink available during a meal
e) de-caffeinated is always better than caffeinated
f) breathe from below your diaphragm rather than above - use your abdominal muscles rather than chest muscles - fill your lungs by pushing the diaphragm down rather than pushing your chest out.
g) exercise by saying ‘sssss’ and ‘aaaaahhhh’, both loudly and softly


:slightly_smiling_face: It’s always worth passing on advice. I have issues myself but as yet I haven’t sought help. Most of the time I manage to choke due to involuntary swallowing of saliva :see_no_evil:

thans for your advice.if choking, visit a specialist clinic.theyn have many suggestions and improvements on different textures of foods.