Swallowing problems

My physio says be careful with bread. The trouble is that it expands. You can make it soggy with soup. But she does recommend these cheese curls.

This is the UK, there might be something similar in other countries or look it up in google - bread alternative

I bought a sports bottle. If I have swallowing
problems (not often, pills can be a problem), I I force a stream of water and it works.

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:slightly_smiling_face: I’ve had problems swallowing pills, and found adding them to a teaspoon of yogurt, apple sauce or something of similar consistency, eases swallowing.

Good excuse for me to stock the shelves with apple sauce. I love it! I’ve been told to eat that sort of consistency. Thick soup, mashed potatoes, scrambled egg, soggy Weetabix, bananas, well-cooked porridge, mushy peas, soft sausages, corned beef in UK (elsewhere might be called SPAM). Thick gravy on main courses. Bread can be difficult, sometimes it can be softened in soup but that doesn’t always work. Avoid anything that makes you cough as it may go down the ‘wrong hole’.

Look in to Neurological Conditions Treated with G Therapy (NeuroG) Medicine - DR. OSWAL'S G THERAPY

:slightly_smiling_face: I hadn’t heard of this…so for the benefit of others who haven’t…

G Therapy is a combination treatment of homeopathic and biochemic remedies for a range of conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Mental Subnormalities, Neuropathies, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. The ingredients of G Therapy are pharmacopeia-approved homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is generally accepted to be a safe system of medicine without the risk of adverse side-effects.

Morning Everyone,
A little diversion from the G Therapy, has any of the patients experienced a rapid deterioration in less than 3 years, I am fine as long as sit as soon as I rise to walk I have this floaty feeling in my head which causes acute imbalance and I have vision problems also swaying arms etc.

A reply to the above would be helpfull.


:thinking: I have Vestibular issues which give a similar sensation. I find if I sit most of the time it makes it much harder to adjust when I get on my feet (even though sitting still is the more comfortable option). The only difference is my arms don’t sway.

TDK. I had a sudden deterioration last September. Quite a few things happened: walking, swallowing, toileting, balance, vision. Some things have improved since but they’re not back to how they were before September and I suspect they never will be but who knows.


Thanks for sharing I have fallen numerous times and was just wondering whether anyone had a similar experience.

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