tDCS potential therapy for all Ataxias



For some reason I think this may be the way to go Beryl. On a side note, my son Gary who is a cancer survivor raised over 4 thousand pound for Ataxia by cycling 500 miles round Scotland in 10 days. His sister Cassie has sca2

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:+1::slightly_smiling_face: A big thank you to Gary. How is Cassie these days Punk :thinking:

Just came back from a follow up visit from Johns Hopkins. My neurologist talked about the potentials of “Magnetic Stimulation” of the cerebellum. She said it has much similarities with tDCS and still involves a small group of subjects, but is in the Phase 2 of it’s study.

Hi, interestingly I’m in Boston right now waiting for a TMS appointment as I’m finding my symptoms have been getting worse on a daily basis over the last few months. The TMS Lab here also offers tDCS so hopefully one of them will be effective.

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Let us know if TMS or tDCS works for you.

She has her problems Beryl, but is fighting away x

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