This Thanksgiving, I'm Thankful For

In America, this Thursday is Thanksgiving. We spend the day thinking about what we are grateful for and also eating a lot of turkey and pie. :)

I thought it would be fun to start a discussion on what we're all thankful for. I'll get it going:

I'm thankful that my wonderful girlfriend, Vanessa, accepted my marriage proposal last weekend. We're all smiles here. :)

I'm also thankful that this community exists and helps so many people. We started Ben's Friends ( 6 years ago and now over 80,000 patients and loved ones visit all 35 sites every month. It's truly a little Internet miracle.

I'm grateful for the community, the friendships and especially thankful that the volunteer moderators donate so much of their time to help others. Thank You Mods!

Ok, that's what I'm thankful for. How about you? Let us know below.


Happy Thanksgiving Day Scott, and congrats on your girlfriend accepting your proposal.

Cheers for now,

Doug Smith, Bristol, England.

I am most thankful for my wonderful husband and family, for all my friends and for all the people involved in this website whether creating it or participating in it.

Scott, congratulations on your engagement and my best wishes to you and your future wife for a long, healthy and happy life together.

Now, back to basting the turkey;-)…

I'm thankful for all of God's blessings! Every breath I take, clean drinking water, a warm comfortable home, and His amazing grace!

and this community!

Giving Thanks in Colorado!!

I'm grateful for everyone connected with LWA and on this website.

I'm grateful that we all share tips and problems that help one another even in little ways.

I'm grateful for my family near and far extended and biological!

I'm grateful for my ataxia journey. It has made me more of a grateful person seeing more of the little things in life and appreciating them!

I'm thankful for everything God has made and that I can see them! :0)

Make it a great Thanksgiving no matter what comes with it today!!!!! :0)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be part of this community.and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! xB

Congratulations Scott. I thank my Wife Ann, son Gary, daughter Cassie and wee Buster the dog who is rapidly becoming the greatest living being I have ever met and helps me through the bad times. And thanks to all the researchers for trying to find treatment for the ataxias

Hey Scott and all,

Congratulations to you and your fiancee!

In the past and at this time of the year, I have had the pleasure of experiencing several traditional 'festivities'. At home in the UK and as part of our family tradition, there is Christmas and boxing day (St Stephens day for my Irish friends from long ago). In Germany, where I have visited my sister, her family and friends I witnessed St Nicholas Day, Christmas eve (heiliger Abend) and Weihnachten in general. I have known (and still do) a few people who are Wicca(n) and learned something of their festivals - particularly Midwinter (or yule). I also knew an American christian 'Father' and his family for a few years and through them learned how important thanks giving is to many people.

I am thankful that in my life to date I have met many people form various countries and cultures. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to see the 'world view' of others. I am thankful to be aware of the diversity relating to traditions, celebrations or festivals - especially those around winter time.

I am thankful for my wonderful family and for my great friends and I am thankful that I have something of a 'support network' - including LWA (last but by no means least).

Happy thanks giving to any who follow that tradition and best regards to everyone.


I am thankful in abundance, and top of mind:

I’m thankful for pie (and other food), heat, water, love, music, this network, friends and family, cheezy Hallmark movies, and for limited-time holiday shopping.

Congratulations on your engagement, Scott! My best to both of you for a long and happy life together!
I'm thankful for God seeing me through the many ups and downs in my life! I'm thankful for family and friends as I'm extremely blessed! I'm thankful for this LWA community and the A-UK community, as I've learned so much valuable info about ataxia, as well as (I hope) helped others! Life is a gift...,that's why it's called "the present". ;o)