Trouble getting up from the sofa

Hi Doodle Bug. I used to fall allot much more than I do now since I learned to work on Dr. Tom Clouse's thoughts. He has a website with lot's of information on how we ataxic people can preform better than we do now. Here is one link There are so many pages with focused movements that really work!

He has ataxia himself and used to be a Dr until his ataxia got too bad for him to work. I was very skeptical but tried it anyway.

He travels around to help other's with ataxia. I was one of the lucky people (I feel) to actually work with him. He was tuff but I still pull on his words because they sure have helped me and still does!

How are you doing now?

I bet after you try a few of his thoughts you will want more! Please check back and give us a update on how your doing. :-)