Unable to move legs--anyone else?

My husband has ataxia since 2009 getting progressively worse. He is unable to move his legs and recently is losing control of upper body as well–unable to readjust in a seat or straighten from a leaning position. His mind seems to be much slower. Anyone else can relate? He has a motorized chair, rollator to rise up, hoyer lift that we have ready to use but he tries to tough it out. Also --can anyone tell me what the last stages are and what kind of help is needed? Any information is appreciated.

So sorry to hear. I wish I had answers for you, but I don’t.
Best wishes

Sorry to hear but unfortunately ataxias progress at whatever rate it wants, You just have to deal with the symptoms he has.

Praying for you, joy. I don’t know anything about that list state is here, but I’ve noticed that I’m having more trouble moving my feet. It’s much more difficult for me to walk at all. I’m trying to get into rehab and hopes that therapy will slow this down. All the best to you and I’m sorry I can’t answer your question.

  • Meant to say last stage. I dictated this msg to my tablet & it didn’t come outright. G

Joy, as we all know, Ataxias can vary enormously,
often it depends on an individual’s specific symptoms
and response to Medication.

Can I suggest, keep in close touch with your Husbands
Neurologist, rather than be guided by hearsay🤔 xB