Does anyone notice when they get out of a warm or hot shower, that their symptoms are worse? I find that I stagger more and my balance and speech are worse

i dont. i have cerebellar ataxia

So, are there certain symptoms for different ataxia's?

yes. i dont want to bore you with mine but there are ppl in wheelchairs cause of it. some ppl cant use there hands. it has a lot to do with your motor skills. some ppl cant use there fingers. there gait is off . they get dizzy

I have about 5 different symptoms, but yes if you would like to describe yours, I am truly interested in what different ataxia symptoms are beside the one I have, well the symptoms I have

i have cerebellar ataxia . my symptoms are dizziness, wide gait,headaches 85% of time ,squating throws me off balance,cocking head side to side i get dizzy,bending over i get dizzy, turning too fast i get too dizzy,just getting dizzy out of nowhere. from what ive read it all depends how much damage is done to the brain . in my case i took medication for 56 years but it was a side effect but it took that long to show up.hope that helps

I too have headaches and get dizzy often. My speech becomes impaired at times, I have an intention tremor, and tremor in my right leg when lifting my leg or pointing my toe. I also have a postural tremor. My gait is slightly wide and staggered most of the time. Its almost like FA ataxia. I can not look up, down or side to side wo getting dizzy and off balance.

motor skills affects a lot of things. its just a matter of how bad they are and what they affect. not every body is is going to have the same symptoms. but they can can worse in time.

Hi Both:-)
www.ataxia.org has various fact sheets about Ataxia and there are answers to common questions :slight_smile: xB

Heat makes my symptoms worse. Maybe try to end your shower with a minute of cold water. That's what I do. It also helps to wake me up too :)

Good idea!

Also wet surface & patterned tile in bath room will make it worse

Hi Teresa, I’m new to this site but have dealt with ataxia for 10 years and have the same trouble. Some days I have just enough energy to have a shower and the get back to bed it’s extremely frustrating.

I have cerebellar ataxia and yes, showers definitely make my symptoms worse. Now I’m at the point where I need help to bathe, but falling a lot , increased tremors, complete exhaustion, feeling like I was going to pass out ( and actually passing out a couple times ) when showering were some of my first signs of a serious problem.

Some days are better then others! I have trouble walking and am off balance a lot, always falling, some headaches and some dizzy days, when I look down ~~not good or side to side! I have been dealing with it since 2013, all of a sudden could not walk anymore, worked the day before~~no problem! I want my old life back~~I do go on cruises solo with my cane!

Some days are definitely better than others! I totally agree:-). Looking up/down specifically worsens things for me too. My symptoms crept on, over a period of years, having this happen abruptly must be particularly disorienting.

But, you’re an inspiration, holidaying solo, enjoy :slight_smile: xB