UpDate Re; Neuro Clinic Apt

Cicina, a member here and thanks again for the referral.

the Rehab Brain & Balance Person, ( Dr. of chiropractic) was very informative and did so many test, I have never had done before , cool in some ways, and amazing... she does not believe I have Ataxia,,,,

She does believe the Cerebellum, the Brain Stem and Basal Ganglia are the cause of the problems. the only way she believes that this can all be confirmed is a Blood work only done in Texas..

And she does believe she can help me through training the brain with different technics..

My GP is hoping got get me an apt with Dr. Lang in Toronto, also a referral from a member here.

She hoping for 3 months, if not then it will probably be a year...

thanks for all your input and suggestions

very much welcomed



Here's hoping for wonderful results Mach6..Let us know how things pan out....Ozzy