On my third neurologist

Today I had an appt with my third neurologist. The first two proclaimed my brain MRI's to be normal and other than further blood tests and MRI's of the spine, offered no treatments.

New neurologist looked at my brain MRI and said he disagreed that it was normal. He showed me a normal MRI next to mine and it clearly showed atrophy of the cerebellum.

He also videotaped me walking to establish a baseline. Referred me to physical therapy and gave me a script for Amantadine, used with Parkinson's patients. I'm to start the PT first, before using the drug so as to isolate what works. He also did more blood work.

At least now I have a diagnosis of Cerebellar ataxia and a treatment plan. It only took four years to get here! Wishing you all healing.

glad you at least yo got a diagose. it wasnt good to hear i guess but at least you know whats wrong and hope the treatment's work. ive been without a diagose's for 6 months. very aggrevating.

This is unfortunately a very familiar story but I am delighted to hear that you got there in the end. Sounds like you are now getting very good assessment and monitoring.

For four years I've been searching for a diagnosis and now that I have it, I must confess to feeling a little depressed it's Cerebellar Ataxia. Hopeful for the physical therapy, and if that doesn't help, the prescription for Amantadine. Has any one here tried Amantadine? Also, I've been researching Deep Brain Stimulation. Like Amantadine, it's apparently used for Parkinson's disease.

I was at a meeting and 1 of the people there had DBS installed and he turned it off and on for us and you could really see what can help the hands from shaking it was like night and day. Do not know if DBS can help any other symptoms but it is worth looking into. Jerry