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Don’t know whether this is the right area to post this?
I have recently purchased a salon chair. My balance is bad, when sitting on a wood dining chair, I have to resort to holding the edge of the
table to remain upright at times. I have recently purchased a salon c

hair - its brilliant as it has much more support and is really comfortable also swivels and is height adjustable.
Also its padded - leatherlook fabric., very comfortable


Comfortable and works. What more would you want?

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:slightly_smiling_face: I had one of these (an office swivel chair on castors) and I loved it.
But since we moved house it’s now in storage (for the time being😉)

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We purchased a new dining suite but after research purchased two swivel chairs (office type) which we had upholstered to match our lounge suite and they are on castors so easier for me to get in and out.As long as it woks go for it when you have ataxia you need to keep safe and be practical…Well done


Good to hear! At a minimum, make sure that you have grab bars and a shower mat in your bathroom shower.

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Me too… swivel chair in 3 rooms including dressing table. Thanks for sharing. X

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Hi Chas I certainly have- grab rails and mat . Just been on hoilday. In two hotels we stayed in the accessible rooms were great- proper wet rooms. The third one was disappointing, altho it was classed as an accessible room it just had a walk in shower - no grab rails or a seat. I have written to the company concerned and am awaiting their response.


Good follow up. Let us know if you get an answer.

I’ve had a message from the hotel company - "we are sharing your observations with the leadership team and the hotel etc. etc. Hope this means they are going to DO something about it.
I do hope so as the hotels are great in every other respect. We’re revisiting in the Autumn and will review situation then.

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It’s hoped that at the very least there would be grab bars in an ‘accessible room’…it seems an obvious requirement. But…as we all know despite health and safety checks, there can be ways around ‘requirements’.

There are definite requirements for ‘accessible rooms’…at least in the US.

:thinking: What does the word accessible mean? How can it be interpreted re Hotel Rooms

  • The word accessible means that is able to be reached or entered.

  • An accessible bedroom is an accessible room that is easy for a person with a disability to enter and leave. Typically these accessible rooms are on the first floor or have a stairlift or elevator to get to the room if it is not on the first floor. These accessible rooms will have a wider doorway so that a wheelchair can easily navigate the accessible room.
    What Is an Accessible Room? | BraunAbility