Using a wheel chair

I have been having a lot of problems getting about the house and falling walking. Going outside with a rollator is difficult now (age 65) as well. I am wondering if it would just be easier to use a wheelchair. I am wondering what the cons of using a wheelchair are. Like the fact i will have to move house to something without stairs and more easily adaptable. I cant think of any pros but maybe there are.

Really i would like to hear from people who use a wheelchair on a regular basis. What i can expect if i go down this route.

I have a Jazzy electric wheelchair and I go anywhere with it. We moved to a one story open space house for that exact reason. I couldn’t get up an down the stairs anymore. I am on a walker in the house, but am thinking of a 3wheel scoo0ter, that is narrower than my electric wheel chair; so I can get through the doorways. Any suggestions?

I had a friend who progressed so that she thought it wise to put herself in a wheelchair. Not long after, she told me she had subsequently lost the ability to walk.

I use the wheelchair in our small house and use the 4 wheel long scooter to travel longer distances. After an appeal, insurance paid for the scooter. With fundraiser $, we are making the bedroom, closet and bathroom ADA for better wheelchair mobility.

That is what I am afraid of, that my muscles, etc, will just give up.

Like you fiend Jose. is she doing good now.

Yes i was a nurse for 25 years and we had a motto use it or loose it. Sadly if muscles are not used regularly they start to atrophy. Maybe an alternative is to use a wheelchair outside and inside use a walker and exercise indoors. I don’t know if that would work but for me at the moment going outside even with a rollator is difficult and i don’t feel safe.

I would think its difficult to fall out of a wheelchair but i know using one will give a lot of other problems. I see people playing sport in wheelchairs even going to the Olympics. So the wheelchairs must be pretty maneuverable but i suspect these people have been using them for many years

_ use a walker inside and a wheelchair outside. My wheelchair has a safety belt, but I have never used it. It would be easier to use the wheelchair but I don’t want my legs to go all limp, from no use._

I function better mentally when I’m sitting down, so sometimes I’m inclined to think favourably about a wheelchair. Because I can still walk reasonably safely using either a cane or rollator, I’ll keep a wheelchair in mind.
We all progress at different stages, safety is paramount :blush:xB