is anyone seem like things are moving or things just are not real clear? Any suggestion who I can see

I have vision problems as well. I have double vision when i look to the side. I also have nystagmus. That is where your eyes jiggle side to side or up and down. Mime goes up and down and my brother's goes side to side. He also has sca. It makes it look like objects are moving. There isn't anything you can do about it. My best advice is to try to find a direction where your eyes are still. It's the most annoying part of sca for me. I also have slurred speech and diffoculty walking and coordination in general, but a moving worl. Is awful. Good luck. I know what you are dealing with.


I have been going for occupational therapy and they found that my eyes were being affected. They said it is common with ataxic patients. I have been doing eye exercises and they have gotten better.

I would recommend going to OT and see if they can do anything. FYI - my eye doctor never caught this.

I've had ataxia for 40 years or so. About 25 years ago, one of my eyes moved gradually over 6 months to give me a one-eyed squint. They tested me and said they could correct it with an operation if I wanted but advised against it as the tests had shown that even without the squint my eyes would move around a little anyway. I suggest you talk to an optician. They may be able to help but ataxia is brain damage and they can't help about that. Remember that many opticians will know very little about ataxia so they may say they can help but can't really. I've spent £100's on specs that have done me no good.

Hi, Rita here. The reply noting nystagmus is accurate. However I have other eye issues as well. the ophthalmologist has stated that this condition is a result of my S CA. He ordered glasses for me that have prisms in them, meant to draw my eyes to tether so that I can focus. I like to read and sew and quilt, so they help but they don’t fix everything. I was told for the balance of my issues I would just have to live with it. My doctor said that it’s a problem with messages from the brain getting to the optic nerve and back again. The prisms help, but I can’t wear them to walk around because I get dizzy. Make an a
appointment with an ophthalmologist or in some cases even an optician can help you. Good luck!