Weight belt

What is the benefit in using a weight belt. How many pounds should I start with. Who sells them? Thank you.

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AFAIK, a weight belt is used when lifting weights in a gym. It protects the back. Not sure what it has to do with Ataxia.

I know what a weight belt is. I used to compete in weight lifting. I meant to say weight vest. I’m going to discuss with my neurologist in June and move forward. Thank you for your reply.

:slightly_smiling_face: If you intend going to the NAF Convention in Philadelphia next week, you’ll be able to try out the weighted vest from www.motiontherapeutics.com Individual assessment is given by a trained therapist. I tried one last year. The vest has lots of individual pockets intended to take small weights. It is trial and error, not everyone finds the same benefit, just as we know each person’s experience of ataxia can be so different.

There was another type of weighted vest exhibited last year www.otvest.com It works on a different principle, with weights just across the shoulders. For me, and my type of ataxia, it worked better, I felt more grounded. But, couldn’t decide whether to make a purchase :smirk: xB

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Thank you for your response. The thought entered my mind years ago investing in a weight vest. Recent neck surgery had made me to reconsider. The tremors are more frequent and the balance is worse. I’m going to see Dr. Z. at USF in June and then I will move forward. I reviewed your links and the weight vest sounds like the answer. As you said, everyone is different with the many types of ataxia.

There’s also a simple exercise a functional neurologist showed me in 2015. If you like I can describe it. It helps our brain know where are feet and arms are…which helps our balance. Just one tool in the toolbox. JD

That would be great. I bought me an extra wide walker and I still kick the wheels as I walk. Thank you.