Weighted Vest

I came across this purely by chance and wondered if any of you had any experience of these vests. They were invented by a physio and when wearing the vest with some strategically placed weights it seems that your imbalance and coordination is greatly improved. It is only available in US at the moment but hopefully will be international soon. Check it out on http://www.motiontherapeutics.com/. It looks very exciting but apart from the cost is there a catch?

Hi. I actually did some checking into this. They start at $800, and you need a script for one of the vests from a certified BBTW PT/Physio located in specific states.

The testimonial videos on the site are impressive; I, too, am curious as to if anyone has tried this.

Those videos are pretty impressive. The Wisconsin location is only about 2 hours from me. I am going to look into the evaluation process. I have a friend with MS - going to forward the link to her.

this dulicates the Balance Vest messages

these where demonstrated at the NAF conference

I'm very curios what experiences you americams have with this stuff. On video it looks like miracle. 800 dollars isn't too much so why nobody writes 'bout experiences with this vest. I'm from EU (czech republic) and I can not buy it so if this not a scam I'll might be fly for it to US.

I am looking into it. I have an appointment next week with my neurologist to talk about it and get a script for an evaluation. The company just certified someone in my state to evaluate for these vests. He is about an hour's drive from where I live.

The one good thing is that you can tell from the assessment whether or not it will work for you - you don't invest in one unless it works. I haven't found out what the cost of the assessment is yet, but I'm willing to try it.

They have two vests, one that has a code accepted by insurance and one that does not. They assess you for both. Either way it will be out of pocket for me because I have not met my deductible yet :-( Cyndi