Welcome to the site Brandon. Have you seen a doctor? From what you describe, it sounds like a neurological condition has appeared. The symptoms are very much like Ataxia. I would like to suggest that you make an introductory post so we can “meet” you and get to know you. Please add all the information that you have done. Remember, we’re not here to judge you but to support you! First question: Have you stopped drinking?

Chas521, Yes I have stopped drinking 3 weeks ago. I was tapering down for a week before that. Whats the point of looking for support if I’m not doing anything about my behavior in MY control. My first symptoms started around 2011. I met with several neurologists and had a CT and MRI of the entire spine and brain with and without contrast. No official diagnosis. Having no insurance at the time I felt like I’m just making these hospitals and doctors richer. A few years later I cut out the Hard Liquor and my symtoms stopped getting worse. This past year I got health insurance and went through the MRI and neurologist thing again. Then, boom, coronavirus hit just before I was to start physical therapy. I subsequently became more fearful of falling and acutely aware that I was quite a bit worse than I had realized. Simply writing, picking up small objects with my fingers, is very difficult and frustrating. I used to play the drum kit and now can’t clap a simple slow quarter note beat in time with a metronome. So First thing was stop drinking, Get back into church for spiritual support/healing. Begin looking at ways to strengthen my body through good nutrition and safe exercise. That’s where I’m at. I was looking into Acetyl-DL-leucine studies online and somehow found this ataxia support group. Have not worked in ten years. Never latched on to a particular profession.

Hi Brandon,
Thanks for replying but what I meant was to make a public post in the Ataxia section so everyone would get to know you instead of replying to me privately. Copy and paste your private message to me in the Ataxia section.

EDIT: Made your post public so there is nothing for you to do except read now and post when necessary.

Hi Brandon, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: This will be small comfort but, alcohol abuse is linked with Acquired Ataxia. Although the good news is, if you have a family, your type of ataxia isn’t genetic. And, well done for taking the decision to stop drinking :slightly_smiling_face:

Whichever way we develop ataxia, diagnosis comes as a blow, after all who expects to have to cope with seemingly nonsensical symptoms, and spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to convince doctors ‘it isn’t all in your head’.

The symptoms you’re experiencing, they’re common to many types of ataxia, so you’re not alone, we have ataxias of all types here, we can empathise :slightly_smiling_face: And you’re right, the best way of helping yourself is good nutrition, and safe exercise. Just keep moving :slightly_smiling_face: