What is an Ataxia Panel?

I will be having a 5th MRI in September along with an EMG. Meanwhile the neurologist ordered addtional blood work plus an Ataxi Panel. What does that test for?

I believe that an Ataxia panel is about genetic testings for Spinocerebellar Ataxias. Click on the web page below.


Thank You lainStevenson for your reply.

I clicked on the link you gave me which matched up to the blood work I had done involving the purple-top tubes. When I got to the lab to have the blood work done, the technicians there had never heard of an Ataxia Panel and so a lot of discussion evolved among them resulting in their need to call the neurologist who had ordered that particular test. That of course increased my curiosity.

It also answers the question of the 15-day delay since most blood tests don’t take that long.

Thank you again for responding. :slight_smile: --SoBoVa

Thanks for the link, very informative

I have had many blood tests over the years, and wondered what the different colours of the tubes meant.

some of these blood tests results have taken from a few weeks to 12 months to materialise, deppending on the testing circumstances (and the slowness of the UKs NHS !!!).