What is better?

I'm 34 and have CA for 11 years.

Is better have a job and some money or

quit the job and have free time for exercising?

Hi Jan - I’m unsure what your situation is (ie if you have the energy, etc.), but is there a way to keep your job and do some pre- or post-work exercising and stretches?

Hello...Keep your job and don't quit. If you quit, you will very likely regret it. Continue working & do a little exercise at home before you go to work & a little exercise when you return home. You also have the weekend when there is no work to exercise. Good luck.

that's a difficult one, when you take into account time needed for resting, exercising and working.

It would need to be a very flexible job that could accommodate all three.


Keep working if you can. Or the job lets you. I was let go from my job of 10 years. It didn't feel to good. The money is a lot better when you work. Also you feel better about yourself!

But when i return home ( at 7 o’clock) i’m very tired or may be lazy to exercise, money is good but it doesn’t help me, but thank ya for your opinions, might be i don’t appreciate the daily routine which work brings.

Just saying. I got let go from my job. Not a good feeling! Is there anyway you can cut your hours? Having ataxia and being home. Is not like retirement!

I love questions like this for I never have the answer. So why love it? I hope sometimes I am good at planting seeds and sign posts.

I am pretty sure you have the answer and you are looking for validity, that is the usual for most questions of the self. But saying this is purely confounded, What is more important over long term?

Let me explain my situation then compare. I am single with no children. Just me and my dog. I have learned after having an above average income, that money mattered less than my time. Money left me empty (outside of obligations) and even then we pick a lifestyle we are comfortable with and choose or grasp at an income that fulfills that need.

Well after realizing I can live way more simple being that i do not have people depending on me, it was easy to give most of it up. Before I got sick (ha ha) 2 years ago, I gave up the the 70,000 year job for 11.50 an hour. For my sanity and hate for bowing to the almighty dollar. The whole time I have taken pretty good care of my self. To the point to "look where this got me " lol.

Jan, after all my rambling I hope I made my point as to only you have this answer. Once again a question of Balance on an Ataxia site :P

If you can cope with your job that’s great. To me everyday is not the same with CA. So it all depends on your health and stress levels. Good luck.

Stay working until
You become ineffective and loose the ability
Exercise to the point of enjoyment but no further

Hi Jan.WOW, that's a loaded question! I was a social worker for 28 years, and although it was stressful (I had 600 cases, a manageable case load is more like 300), I truly loved my job helping people. I worked an additional three years after being diagnosed with ataxia. I retired seven years ago when it became too difficult to do my job the way it deserved to be done (I was keyboarding with just my index fingers, my writing/printing was starting to look bad, I slurred my speech during phone calls, especially toward the end of my workday when I was tired, making me sound like I'd been drinking more than water...,ha!, things like that) . I probably would still be working if I didn't have ataxia. Anyway, I still miss my job, as it really gave me an important purpose in my life. It's a personal decision to stop working. I agree with others though. Work as long as you can do your job comfortably, and fit a bit of exercise into your day, possibly before you go to work, as you'll have more energy then. My best to you..., ;o)

if the job causes no stress as my Dr. would say keep it up. if stressful then i would quit if money is not a problem.

Being a firefighter for nearly 25 years, I retired close to five years ago, walking on a rooftop and having ataxia doesn't mix very well. My full-time job is staying healthy, and keeping my body physically fit to fight this. I keep myself busy every day by volunteering and exercising, some days I run out of time. You need to do what your body tells you to do.

I think there are pros and cons with work. I worked very hard from 7am til 11 or 12 at night.I was a teacher until 4//5 years ago.I had the money,I had the teenagers,I went on holiday and thought of all the money I spent.

I had a lot of stress.There was no time to do anything.I was physically well but mentally wrecked.

It was good for me then but then I got Ataxia.

Now I cannot move easily,have to use a walker round the house,cannot speak but am not rushed.

I am physically poor but mentally ok.

That's why I am sayi ng pros and cons.You can make your own mind up about giving up work.You can do it at the right time and in the right circumstances.


speaking from personal experience, I was forced to stop working 2004-05. In that time, I learned that I miss working terribly. Working on yourself sounds and is great, but worry about that at the time. If you're still able to work, do it (I would). Hope that helps?


Good advice Gianluca! Couldn't agree more!

Thank you :)

Lori said:

Good advice Gianluca! Couldn't agree more!