Work is harder

I have SCA type 5 and my condition is getting worse every year. Since last year I have been noticing my line of work is getting harder and harder. I am 26 and I work in Assembly plant. I am thinking about transferring to different department for same company for less physical demanding job but don’t think my boss will understand my condition.
Can any body give opinions or comments plz that would be great

You can probably talk to Human Resources and not your supervisor. Your supervisor probably couldn’t do anything and would probably refer you to HR.

I don’t know about AZ but in WI the WI job placement has a division in it that helps people with disabilities find jobs.

Thank you. I plan on talking to hr tomorrow at work but am nervous bc don’t know how it will go. But have too bc I try to give 110% at work but my body won’t let me.

Hi :blush: Ataxia has a big impact on work, and both family and social life, it’s important to make ourselves aware of help and support that is available.

Sometimes there are adjustments that can be made in the workplace but, we have to accept that this is not always going to be the case, it very much depends on the type of employment involved and the severity of symptoms. Safety comes first, for ourselves and others we may work with.

Advice about Work, Disability and Social Security Issues etc can be found on :blush:xB

You are protected under the Americans with disabilities act. Your HR should be following this. You may want to review this because your HR is aware of this but you may want to review it for yourself so you know what your rights are.

I am protected even if I havent applied for disability yet. Really haven’t done nothing work related for my case of ataxia. And am nervous to talk to my boss ab it