Whooping Cough Vaccination

Just a thought, cos I know lots of you (like me) are having a flu jab. You might want to ask for a Whooping Cough one too?

My sister is a doctor, and had whooping cough quite badly last year. She has been nagging me to ask my GP. I am having both later this month.

Hi Lit, Good reminder! I always get the flu vaccine and got the whooping cough vaccine last year. I've got the flu vaccine for years as I (before retirement) was a social worker and around a lot of people. I got the whooping cough vaccine last year, as I have grandchildren and heard an adult can be a "carrier". I certainly didn't want my grandchildren to become ill because of me! And I, as an adult, didn't want whooping cough either. Does one need to get the whooping cough vaccine each year to be protected? Anyway, I haven't had the flu in years and will definitely get the whooping cough vaccine again this year if need be...

Hi Lit

Both my hubby & I were vaccinated for whooping cough when our Granddaughter was born almost 2 years ago, my hubby is just getting over a bout of whooping cough, we have no idea how or when he contracted it. The Dr tended to think that possibly his vaccination hadn't taken ?! He had the same with result with his Flu shot, he came down with the flu, must just be the luck of the jab .... whether it works or not.

However having seen Hubby with whooping cough would still recommend getting the vaccination, as the only upside to his vaccination seems to be instead of having it for up to 3 months he has recovered in well under that time frame....