Flu Vaccine

Up till now, I’ve only ever had 1 Flu vaccination and that was several years ago. This year, it had crossed my mind that I needed to do something about it, but the thought got lost :neutral_face: That is until my Husband developed Flu :grimacing: Now, I find that the first appointment available for the Flu shot at my local Health Centre, is CHRISTMAS EVE :hushed: It’s a Nurse led clinic, apparently Doctors don’t give Flu shots :hushed:
Last year (in the UK) there were reports of the regular Flu vaccine being ‘ineffective’ to certain groups e.g. over 65s and those with specific conditions where the immune system is compromised. So, this year an ‘enhanced’ formula has been offered. ‘Fluad’ contains an adjuvant (this means it provides more antibodies, and gives longer lasting immunity).

So, shall I shop around or wait till Christmas Eve :thinking: My local Pharmacy is out of stock re that specific formula, I really should have thought about it before now :face_with_raised_eyebrow: xB

If you ever had the Flu, then there would be no hesitation in getting the shot. I’ve had it twice and awful is not enough word! I had mine in September. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I really could kick myself for not having it before now :neutral_face: My Husband is ill, fit for nothing, the thing is he wouldn’t ever consider having the vaccine :face_with_raised_eyebrow: He’s one of those people who doesn’t believe it works :smirk: But, I’d rather he gritted his teeth and bit the bullet, maybe avoiding passing anything on to me :smirk: xB

The shot doesn’t prevent one from getting the Flu only reduces the severity.

CI read that Octobrt-December is prime flu season. So, it probably pays to get it right away, assuming that one is going to get it. I have had one every year for many yeasrs now.

I had the theory before that getting the flu shot kept me from getting colds. My doctor told me that there was no science supporting that, but if I wanted to believe it, I should go ahead. I told her that I would continue to believe it because believing that made me happy, but last year I got a cold. I, who really does believe in science, could only conclude that the shot really wasn’t too effective! Ha! I got one this year anyway! By the way, after not having had a cold for over 15 years, it was horrible! I felt very sorry for myself.