Wobbly hands and Eating

Hi all

Have any of you found anything which helps with eating?I hav e tried 3 different meds and the OT team have tried the mechanical arm thing.No joy as the tremor is in thee hands.They are intent ion tremors not arm.Hard to unde rstand.It means anything iinvolving fine motor skills has to be carried out by someone else.Humiliat ing and not ideal. Any suggestions?Has anyone tried Neater Eater options?

Take a look at this https://www.liftlabsdesign.com very pricey at the moment but might be worth emailing them to see if there is a test panel they are based in the uk

Hi Marie, a member of our support group has had success with botox treatment on neck and jaw. Maybe you could look into this xx

I use rubber grip utensils . They help a great deal …"local drug store (cvs)

I use weighted utensils, I bought at Wallgreens

Mostly I try to eat things that don’t require a lot of precision - like a roll or flat pizza. If I am eating something like soup I try to time it for when my medication is at its peak, and if I’m having a particularly hard time I’ll wait til later. I do best with motor control if I haven’t tried to do anything else ( like get dressed, go to another room etc.) for 15 minutes at least, as the exertion of doing anything wears me out, and when I’m worn out my tremor is much worse. I also have an intention tremor. Because I have trouble with swallowing some foods I need to take small bites anyway, so stabbing a small piece of lasagna on a fork is less messy than trying to scoop a larger bit onto a fork, if that makes sense. Someone mentioned the other day that I’m doing much better with eating, so I think these things must be helping.

How about DBS with the wires in the brain. I was at a parkinson meeting and saw the demonstration by one member and when it was shut off you could see a tremendous difference.

I don't have tremors so this may not apply but I have a serious lack of fine motor control and make messes. I use my fingers mainly and eat food that ie better for that. the suggestions are good to consider.

I recently had an OT who recommended weighted utensils and weighted arm cuffs (1 pound each). Perhaps both for you? She also said manners were out the window. I need to keep my arms close to my body and elbows on the table. My wife cuts complicated sandwiches, such as hamburgers.

My sister found some larger handled fork, knife and spoon at Christmas Tree Shops. It’s a store that has different things weekly . Don’t know if you have one nearby. These utinsels make eating easier for someone whose coordination skills are slowly receding. Hope this helps you.

TThanks for all the above suggestions.I have rubber grippeed cutlery.Bought recently. Think situation has deteriorateed suddenly.Whole hand trembles resulting in food dropping off any implement.Will look into suggestions.

Dear Marie, I have intention tremors in my fingers, although they are not bad enough (yet?) to affect my eating. Sometimes they will lesson if I put my hand in a different position, or don't grip my utensils so hard. Mainly, I have more trouble with my dexterity (cutting up meat, etc.). As my swallowing is compromised, I must take small bites of food and chew well, to keep from possibly choking. Therefore, sometimes I ask my husband to cut up food for me. I have heard that weighted utensils and the like (arm weights, rubber gripped utensils, etc,) can be helpful, although I've have not personally tried them. Sorry I can't be of more help..., ;o)

Dear Marie
I have recently been given a
Mojo wristband look at Google
I find it helps fine motor control