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I have been following the anxiety/depression debaate with interest.Are action tremors the result/symptom of late Cerebellar Disease. I only noticed this coming on this year as Ataxia had afffected mobility and speech before but I could cope.This is not like my father's Parkinson's as there is no trmor when resting only when eating/drinking or doing something which requires manual dexterity.

Cooking and food preparation is difficult as I drop everything on the floor.Typing is also difficult now as the fingers just slither and wobble and have to edit for ages.

Is this commmon to Ataxia>:? If it yet another manifestation of depression or is it Ataxia? Confused!!


I have heard that before Marie.. Parkinson's type tremor is different to ataxia shakes when eating, chopping veg etc/

Welcome to Ataxia. I am 57 diagnosed at 56. I had tremors years before diagnosis. Attributed it to "nerves" I continue to type and work with an attitude. I rest my hands on the keyboard more and work my fingers out everyday. I drop things all of the time so I really make sure I have a grip on anything before I move or, pickup an object. They do make sippy cups. Don't let this depress you it is something you can work through.

I do experience those symptoms…i was initially diagnosed with idiopathic cerebellar ataxia and changed to MSA type C…I am confused.

Based on my research, tremors are common among Ataxia patients. In my case, I have suffered from tremors based on an anxiety disorder for 20 of my 67 years. Recently, however, the tremors that cause difficulty in eating with a fork or in writing, have resulted in episodes of "hyper" tremors, whereby you experience spasms. This exaggerated tremor state, is IMHO most likely a sign of late stage cerebella disorder.

These "hyper" tremor episodes sometimes affect the entire body, at least in my situation. I collapse on the floor and an observer would conclude that I was having a's not, just an attack of rigidity and spasm-like arm movement.

My Neuro prescribed Xanax as anxiety attacks come on like a runaway train. When that train leaves the station, my Xanax blockade neutralizes the impact. I've heard that other docs have prescribed less potent non-addictive drugs. In my opinion, X is no more addictive than any other drug, if taken when needed.

Intention tremors are a symptom of cerebellar ataxia. Resting tremors are associated with Parkinson's.

I have also had a diagnosis of MSA-C Joe. Going to a support meeting on Fri.Will let you know how it goes.Like you the initial diagnosis was Cerebellar Ataxia.

Please let me know. Hope it goes well

I take rivotril/clonazepan for tremors. I’m from Brazil. I have ataxia3

I have SCA - number to be named later. Haven't had tremors while eating, typing but sometimes at night.

I was diagnosed ten years ago with Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (non-hereditary/unknown cause). My neurologist said sometimes Sporadic (idiopathic) Cerebellar Ataxia will change into MSA-C (Cerebellar) or MSA-P (Parkinsonism). Thus far, that has not happened to me. I do have tremors at times in my fingers, when I grasp something, etc. I constantly drop things also. My tremors started a few years ago, so yes, I believe they're related to having ataxia. ;o)

My Neurologist said I have Cerebellum Atrophy - Anoth Neuro said ataxia. The 1st one stressed that depression is to be expacted . I had a very nasty bout 8 yrs. ago . my antidepressants seem to be the right ones.

I was also told bNeuro. that Cerebellum Atrophy & Ataxia are the same thing .

Lassie Elena

I'm glad someone else is confused!

Hi Lassie-Elena !!! Mary-Eena (cute name!), Yes, Cerebellum Atrophy and Cerebellar Ataxia are the same thing. Atrophy of the Cerebellum causes ataxia, as the Cerebellum of the brain is responsible for coordination/balance, etc. I have been on an anti-depressant for 20 years (originally, my depression was caused by the side-effect of the drug "Inderal" that I was on for a heart arrythmia. Long story...,ha! I was diagnosed 10 years ago with my Ataxia, and the anti-depressant helps me deal with having it. ;o)

I'm more confused now. Can any of these get worse with time/age?

I have trouble talking and I can't walk. It's all because of this brain tumor. It's comforting to see that others have the same problems as me. I do have a problem with essential tremors. There is a part of the tumor still wrapped around the brain stem. It takes me a long time to do things.


From what I understand Scrffycat9, some ataxia's are progressive. Also, as you age, you naturally lose muscle mass and balance becomes even more compromised. This causes additional problems for someone who already has ataxia problems. I exercise for strength and balance, as this seems to help me! It's not easy, that's for sure! I just try to do what ever I can, safely! ;o)

thanks Jerry, you and me are in the same boat. Find yourself a good horse to look after you, they're really intuitive but, can cost you a fortune!

A truer word was never spoken, Rose

My neurologist said I had intention tremours

he prescribed Rasagoline (Azilect)

it seems to make moving alot more fluid in action

(inventhough it is supposed to be very expensive for the LHB / NHS, I was told to keep using it as I benefit from it.

Thanks Alan.I will ask my GP about the drug but I am a liitle worried in case they react with the high dosage of Citalopram( an anti depressant) I am on.Don't want to swap one set of symptoms for another but I will ask. My tremors are action ones not at rest;it would be intesting to see if some Parkinson;'s drugs have any affect on my Cerebellar Ataxia as there seems to some cross over but not all with PD.