Working with ataxia

Hi all, do any of you work?

Living in South Africa the government give disabled people a small amount of money, not enough to survive. I applied for a job today reception, computer. Now i am worried if they call me in for the interview will i cope. Will my A0A2 get the better of me or will i be fine.


I'm on disability in Canada. I don't quite get enough to live on which forces me to do things "under the table" so that I might live properly. I also do a great deal of volunteer work because I like helping others.

I agree with John. Be honest about your abilities. How long have you had Ataxia? Does it affect your speech?

Keep working and driving as long as you can
I am in early stages of sca6
Keep doing what you are doing till they tell you you can’t

Im still working… The company i work for has adapted to my disability cause i started with the company before the sca3 really affected me… But im very gratefully to them… Anyways just tell them upfront of your disability … Cause their going find out sooner than later…
All the best…

Hi, I live in the US. I had just finished college with a Bachelor's degree. I was looking for a full time job. I had been working part time at a church as their office manager when I was diagnosed with ataxia. At first I could walk unassisted. I started walking with a cane and seemed quickly to progress to a walker. I am so thankful the church has just seemed to accept this. I only work 30 hours per week. I have good days & days when I get home- I'm so tired.

I agree with John "JC", just be honest & do your best.

Hi all, Sometimes i just need a little reassurance from my friends that understand. Thank you. The job add said Disabled office lady. I spoke to the agent, after a long chat about ataxia wheelchairs ect she said she would send my cv to the company. She did complement me on how well i spoke on the phone, and said they were looking for some one with a good command of the English language. I did get the opinion that they were looking for a black applicant which is common in SA. One of my reasons for wanting to go out to work is i am young and would love to meet people.

Hi Linda, I agree with others, just be honest and do the best you can! I live in the US, and jobs are hard to come by these days, although I'm not looking. I worked 28 years as a social worker and am retired now. I admire your drive and hope all works out for you! ;o)

My opinion on this is that if asked tell the truth, however I would not volunteer any information that could be used as an opportunity to question my qualifications for a job opening in the present competitive job environment.

Weldone Linda

Be honest and upfront about your Ataxia

you will be fine

Best Wishes Alan