Yoga and ataxia

I found them frustrating. Yeah, the potential health benefits are great, but I found that I had major balance issues trying them and frustration kept me from exploring them them to a level where they might be beneficial.

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I haven’t tried yoga because of my experience with Pilates😏 The actual positions were do-able but moving into position gave me vertigo and nausea😏 (I tried to keep up with the class)
Although I’ve since learned, one-to-one tuition, with adapted positions would be better😊xB

I have been diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia. I take Dalfampridine extended release tablets, 10 mg twice a day. It takes about two hours from the time I take my first tablet in the morning till I feel positive affects. I do yoga stretching and minor calisthenics for two hours while I wait for the effects to take place . All of these exercises are done on a yoga mat on the floor as I cannot stand during this time. It gives me the sense that I am making good use of this time and I feel good about the positive effects on my body. I also use this time to concentrate on stretching my muscles and meditation.

Exercise and stretching are quite beneficial for Ataxia. Keep up the good work.