16-30 online support group meeting 8 July 2022

Branch and support groups running this week:

Friday 8th July @4:00pm – 7:00pm 16 – 30’s (online) ​

If you don’t already have a link…contact Gemma Fish (see below)

The group is for anyone with ataxia aged between 16 and 30 years old, looking to meet others and make friends. The group is to support young people with ataxia and acts as a support network. Speaking to others who know how you feel can sometimes be the best kind of support.

People who know exactly what you are going through, who can offer support and who can be unashamedly honest with one another! If you’d like to join the 16-30’s support group, please contact Gemma Fish mcrgirl90@hotmail.com and she’ll send you an invite to join. online groups, you are welcome to go along even if you don’t live in the local area.

You can contact the group leader to confirm your attendance using the details found here: Branches & Support Groups – Ataxia

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