A link to reliable Ataxia information

Many newcomers may not be aware of the National Ataxia Foundation www.ataxia.org :blush:

Amongst other things, this website has useful FACT SHEETS which give explanations relating to many of the challenging symptoms we encounter, and a list of Medications available to help.

For those who would like to have face to face contact with other Ataxians, there is contact information, given State by State, for individual Ataxia Support Groups :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone having workplace and disability issues can find helpful links.

And, if anyone still needs to find a Neurologist or Ataxia Center, there are links to these also🙂


Thank you, Beryl. I’ve emailed for more information regarding support groups in NYC with no response. I guess I’ll call. Thanks.I need support now-it’s so hard pushing through the mean and ignorant drunk/retarded/faking comments.

lin-da, we all know what sometimes happens to emails😏 Definitely call the contact, or your next nearest for advice🤔

As far as I recall, I’ve had sarcastic remarks because I had to wear sunglasses in winter (to cut down on bright light), off handedness because I was wobbling and slurring, and I’ve felt downright ignored because my voice obviously failed and I was oblivious🙄

I know from experience, eating out in public can be embarrassing. Even using my fingers, at times I couldn’t hit my mouth​:smirk: And, asking for something in a shop, then losing the thread and forgetting the word you want…:expressionless: Not to mention trying to make an enquiry over the phone​:zipper_mouth_face:Falling on your back on the Metro, pulling a supermarket trolley over…

If the contact doesn’t get back to you, there is a tel.no. for NAF. :slightly_smiling_face:xB

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I understand all of what you’re saying, Beryl. I won’t lie, it is embarrassing and people are not so kind. have you tried anti tremor spoon/fork? i find Liftware more helpful than Gyenno. With regular utensils I can barely get the food to my mouth at all. Hang in there. :slight_smile: