A shoutout to our mods Jeannie and Beryl

Jeannie joined this community four years ago and Beryl two years ago this month, and both have been helping members ever since. Thank you, terrific ladies! This community wouldn't be the same without you both.

Hurrah for Beryl and Jeannie and thank you! Merci beaucoup! xoxo :slight_smile:

Thanks for all you do so the rest of us can enjoy this site and help us learn about ourselves. Jerry

thank you! xoxo lorraine

Beryl and Jeannie have been humongous for the community. You're amazing people and we're so lucky to have you here. :)

Thank-you soooo much..Have a 'room full of roses' for any time ya feelin' blue..Ozzy xx

Danke! Domo Arigato! Spaciba! etc.to those who give of their time to help all of the rest of us. We appreciate you Jeannie, Beryl and Dancer Mom. SINGcerely,♪ Gramma Karen

Thank you! I love it here! :-)

Indeed, my thanks to both women! Question: why do I get the CIPD page?