Thank you

Thank you! I’ve only been a member since June. But this site has helped me on so many ways. First the pure information is awesome. The first hand accounts of what others have tried has completely helped. The support is positive and great. I tried a support group before and everyone was so negative which added to my level of depression. This group actually relieves it and makes me feel better. I have felt very isolated but now seeing the worldwide effect of this disease pulls me out of the isolation. Thank you everyone out there who responded to my comments and those who quietly read them. The disease sucks, but those effected by ataxia are an awesome group of people!

The negativism is prob down to depression. I know what you mean about positive people.Isolation is horrible.

I feel the same way. Thank YOU!!

It depends on what day you read this site! Your welcome !

I agreed this disease sucks, but we are not facing this alone. I am glad you have found this group and pray we will continue to be a blessing to each other.

Does the area you live in have a support group. If you do try out a meeting, they are teir seeking support just like you. Stay positive.

It's messages like this that make all of our (mods and behind-the-scenes team) work worth it. Thank you so much for sharing. :)



P.S. Would you mind if I repost some of this message? Others will appreciate the thank you also.