"Wesley" Part 3

Well friends, I did it! I am the proud mommy of Sparkle, a retired Shih Tzu Champion. You were all right, she is exactly what I needed to feel relevant again. She is very pretty, all housetrained, and full of love. When I went to meet her, she immediately came to me and jumped into my lap. She wouldn’t leave me. David, her breeder told me that she was my dog. She chose me. I am so happy, I get out daily with my Rollator and we walk. She stays to my left and knows tha the Rollator is part of the deal, it helps me walk, wow. She does her business on the pad indoors when we can’t go out. She is great company for me. I tried to post a pic of her here but could not. If you want to see her log into: Madrigal Shih Tzu and scroll down to Sparke’s pictures. Thank you all for your kind support when I needed it. Have a good week my friends!!!

Suzi. So glad you have someone to love and who loves you. Enjoy many happy years together each of you giving love to the other. God bless you both

So happy for you xoxo

that is really sweet.x delighted for you.x

Yahoo! I'm sure you and Sparkle will enjoy better lives because of one another.

Congratulations on such a happy addition to your life--and to Sparkle's!

i looked at her photos at the website, she's so pretty. And so smart! how wonderful that she chose you. :)

i thought i would take shot at trying to post a photo of her, i snapped a screen shot of her picture and will now try to upload it from my computer, not sure if it will work.

So pleased for you both xx

Good for you. Dogs don't see problems; love and patience is never questioned. It is especially true when, for some reason, the dog chooses you. (I know;been there.)

Glad you have the sparkle to share Sparkle on!

Dear Suzi, So happy for you and Sparkle! How kind of you to give Sparkle a "forever home", as she can give you unconditional love! Definitely a win-win for both of you!! ;o)

Suzi; I am so happy for you that you were adopted by Sparkle! She is beautiful, and she has the same coloring as our Shih Tzu "Hattie". They are one of the sweetest breeds of dogs, and the more you love on them, the more they eat it up, and love you back. Perfect lap dogs. It is great that you are able to get out with her, she will keep you more active, so that is healthy for you both. Thanks for sharing this smile with us.

Hi Suzi!


May Sparkle bring you many years of happiness and serve as a reminder that you can do anything.

Push the envelope every once in a while!


p.s. If it doesn't kill you...It makes you stronger.

So glad you have your Sparkle. She sounds just wonderful, an older sensible dog, who is sensitive to your needs and is company for you!

I knew you'd know the right dog, and the right time!...:)

Yeah Suzi! So happy for you!

Thank you Judy for posting her picture! Good looking dog!

here is a front view of her :) sweet face

Thank u Judy!

Hello there Suzi

GOOD for YOU! Enjoy as much you can and I'm sure Sparkle will too. What a sweety pie:)