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evening primrose oil is sold in herbalists. Thanks

There has only been one clinical trial re Evening Primrose Oil and ataxia…it was terminated with no results published.

This is an extract from the link…

According to the website where this information appears (here) this oil is indicated, among others, for “Multiple Sclerosis, this being the first disease in which evening primrose oil was successfully experimented with and which gave rise to a book that wrote a woman who was cured with it.According to this book, 65% of people affected and treated with evening primrose found noticeable improvement in movement, correct function of the urinary bladder, reduction of spasms, weight regain, ability to walk and better vision. Based on these successes, it is also used in Friedreich’s ataxia.”

Evening Primrose Oil does not cure Multiple Sclerosis, or Friedreichs Ataxia.