Aches and pains

hello everyone. I know us Ataxians get various aches and pains but for the last three weeks I’ve had the most terrible pain in my left foot, especially when I bend it forwards. It feels like my foot is ripping open when I stretch it, just at the base of my big toe and stretching to the tip of it and goes as far back as the arch of my foot. The pain is like I’ve never felt before and throbs when relaxed so I have to bend it forward every so often to try and relieve some of the tension. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I’ve had pins and needles for a while in this foot and wonder if it’s the start of something that im going to have to live with. Looking at the foot there is no redness or swelling and no visible problems

Hello Gail,
Sounds like "plantar fasciitis"Google it.

It is very painful! But it can be helped: there are simple exercises to stretch the tendon, especially on “youtube”.
I am not a doctor, so do not take my word for it, but check it out and see if it sounds like what you have. In my case, it was not related to ataxia. But I wonder if walking “funny” like we do, could cause it.
Good luck to you.

I would say not a symptom of any type of ataxia but possibly caused by coping with ataxia.

Sounds like a trapped nerve .. I have had sural nerve pain which is eased with baclofen but more recenty I have found that a vibration plate [exercise machine] has eased it more!

Probably best to get your GP to refer you to consultant, physiotherapist or chiropractor for expert opinion.

Hope you get relief soon as I know normal painkillers do not relieve nerve pain.



My name is Derrick Wells from Galveston Texas. I was told by several Doctors that I would not be able to do any thing for myself. A few years after contracting Ataxia, I got down on my self until realizing with God, I can do anything My heart desires. For example Just finish my Bachelor's degree. There are set back but we can't let that stop our dreams or desires we must take action. Instead, of waiting on another individual to do for us we need to do what we can ourselves. I am not conveying to anyone do not listen to our Doctors just work with them and don't give up. We may be different but we have a voice in this world use it in a positive way. Remember if you can conceive it you can achieve it!

Hey, Dancermom, I am always getting stabbing, shooting, tingling, spasming, weird pains everywhere from head to toe. Sometimes I would swear to you that my knees or ankles or toes were broken. I even had a pain in my big toe on my right foot that hurt so bad, but only when I would urinate, that I would almost fall down. I mean, it was EXTREME! Very strange, huh? I was almost too embarrassed to tell my Dr.!

I have some severe spinal issues as well so I never knew if it was a spine thing or an Ataxia thing.
I just know it was. Another member suggested it might be plantar fasciitis, I would definately explore that. It might be a coincidence that you are having that as well. You need to check it out, maybe a suffering you can take care of. If it turns out it is Ataxia, it would not surprise me but then there is nothing you can do except for drugs for peripheral nerve pain, perhaps.

Whatever it ends up being I wish you good luck in finding relief.-Randall

Hey! We walk,talk,eat,grind our teeth,fall over,say and do silly things with a grace, that has now become,to us,so'normal'..

It's no good blaming any-thing,any-more!Follow the guide-lines that so many of us post here and together we'll beat this disease called..'with-out'order..ATAXIA..Hope you feel better,Gail..Ozzy :-)

I'd talk with your doctor, as it may be neuropathy. Are you diabetic, as pins and needles, as well as foot pain can go along with that? ;o)

Hi all thanks for your replies. I’ve had it checked out and it is a bunion! I never noticed how much the toe in question is bending over towards the others until it was pointed out to me. The pain is horrendous and my foot is on fire. Been told to stop wearing heels and pointy shoes, the fact I’ve been unable to wear heels since I was 16 (a long time ago!) because of balance problems and I don’t wear shoes as I don’t go out, doesn’t leave me with many options to ease the pain. If it gets worse then I can have surgery on it

Gail - I would have your doctor check it out. Might be more going on than something related to ataxia.