Joint pain with ataxia?

Just wondering if anyone has experienced joint pain that is associated with ataxia. I have had pain in my shoulder and hip lately and I wasn't sure if it was something different or related to having ataxia. My doctor also told me I have carpal tunnel in my right hand and I've been wearing a brace. Anyone else have issues with these?

My left side is so weak, at first I thought the pain was coming from my hip but I think it's my tail bone. My left knee hurts and it hard to lift it. My neurologist do not think the knee is the result of SCA. 'In bed my left side hurts so bad at night, but exercising is helping ALOT.

I think there is often a lot of referred pain [I think that's what it's called!] because of wobbling. Our brain and body has to compensate for delayed messages from cerebellum.

This is why we have to exercise and improve core strength and maintain good posture so that our joints dont get extra strain put on them.

Sit up straight ha!


I have been dianosed with mitocondrial disease causing ataxia.One of the symptons i have been experincing

is pain in my shoulders and arms which my nuro gave me amitriptyline which helps a lot.

Maybe you give them a try the only side affect is a very dry mouth but no joint pain.


**Always seek Medical Advice.**

Allthough Ataxia doesnt seem to cause "Direct" pain, other ailments/symptoms, because of Ataxia may be the cause.

I HAVE SUCH SEVERE pain that I take Morphine. Mostly knees and lower limbs. Apparently, it is due to the fact that we over compensate when we walk with a dodgy gait

I have pain in several areas of my body. I told my neuro about this, and he said it's due to muscles being so tight, as well as the way I use them to walk and hold myself up (although I use a cane when I leave my home). Yes, I have carpel tunnel in my wrists(I have splints that I wear at night, but move during the day) although I don't know if that's related to my ataxia. I have neuropathy in my hands/fingers and attribute this to my ataxia dexterity. I also have arthritis in my knees and hands/fingers, but this may just be age-related (59 years young). I find that it helps my ailments to exercise for strength and balance, as well as stretch arms and legs. I try to keep active/moving, even though it's difficult! ;o)

I must admit that the longer I sit down the worse the pain is. It was awful over Christmas as I had 10 days off and didn't do too much. I get pain at night when I lay down and thats when I need the pain killers.


I get very tight muscles wich causes the "pain" in my joints.. Try chiropractors especialy at a techingschool as the learning (but already well taught) pupils wh0 ten to be more excited to get unusual patients and love to practice ad expand on the treatment we need.

Great suggestion, Bob bird! ;o)

Hiya! I also have joint pain and I am convinced its due to SCA. Knee, hip and back pain mainly, at night, when I lie down, that’s when I need my painkillers too. :slight_smile:

Hi, my daughter gets lots of pain globally and it is neuropathic pain mainly but muscle and joint pain often too due to her balance causing strain on her muscles and joints. Ella takes Gabapentin to try and reduce the amount of pain she gets.

I don't know if this helps at all.

Take care


yes I occasionally have pain in my hips, I don't know if it's directly related but I do think it's because of the unsteady balance issue

About pain & ataxia:

I get some hip pain when walking much of a distance and also knee pain if I've been on my feet too long, house work or shopping. But only in my legs, I do think it is due to the weird gait we all have. So I end up not doing much apart from work which is still full time.

Hi Fantasia

I did have an operation some years ago for carpel tunnel syndrome but no link to ataxia was ever mentioned. I do have osteoporosis too so have always suffered lower back pain and pain in my right hip but this started 20yrs before i was even diagnosed with ataxia! I have recently had pain in my left knee which made walking even more difficult. Luckily it went after a few days. I also have arthritis in my little fingers which do ache but I can't clench a tight fist. None of my aches and pains have ever been linked with my ataxia.

Take care of yourself.


I get terrible lower back, shoulder and neck pains that can last anything from an hour or so to all day. I also get knee and elbow pain from time to time that ranges in severity. Muscular pain is no stranger to me either!

Although I am sure that my ataxia can (and does) contribute to the pains described, I am also affected by fibromyalgia and that is probably the more direct cause.

I manage my pain as best I can with the medications my doctor(s) prescribed. However, sometimes the pain is so bad that the medication is ineffective - even though I have only recently been prescribed higher dosages.

Take care all.

Yes from time to time! I use a few things that seem to help me out allot. I'm not sure if it is the combo or what. Arnica gel/cream rub/massage in really hard to get into the layers of skin to the joints. Yoga stretching helps out a great deal. Not only does it make me less stiff but it helps get oxygen into those places that ache. I now see achiness only as that area needing more oxygen now. So that's my clue to stretch, do some focused movements. some days it seems like that's all I do.

I find I get less and less ache and have over time. But what ever works right?

My advise is try out different things to see what works for you, cause everyone is a bit different. But give each one a few weeks to be fair to see if they work for you. :0)

Hope you get some natural relief somewhere! Investigating is the fun part! There is a whole new world out there of things:0)

I just read the article in the link that you posted. I guess I follow allot of the holistic approach and didn't realize it. Hey it really helps to have a better outlook etc. It does make it better!

Anna Heikkinen said:

Thanks everyone for all the comments and suggestions! It really helps to hear what works for you and also what could be a cause. I know lately at work it has been very difficult to be at my computer. I'm having so much pain in my shoulder going down to my elbow. My hips seem to be a little better lately. I know exercise would be great but I'm afraid to over work it! I guess I should take it slowly. Yes chiropractor is a great suggestion and I have used one before in the past so I may go to that if this pain persists. Thanks again for taking the time to comment! This site has been great!!!