Acute Cerebellar Ataxia advice please

Hi there,

I'm not sure if anyone can help, but my 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with acute cerebellar ataxia, which was caused by bacterial pneumonia. If you look this up, it has a typical recovery time of 10-21 days but can take months in some cases.

She woke up, unable to walk and vomiting about 17 days ago. After they diagnosed it and gave her antibiotics for the pneumonia, she started doing great. Up until today, she was walking, running and no longer vomiting (she hadn't vomited in 10 days after initially throwing up for 7 days straight). However, today, she started vomiting again and complaining about her head. She keeps lying back down despite being able to walk yesterday.

The way the docs explained it was that once she started healing (walking was the key), she was better. So, I guess my question, for those who have experienced the same diagnosis, is: Is it common to relapse like this after appearing to get better? Should I be worried that there is something else going on that they haven't found yet? She had an MRI and spinal tap.

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Hi Liz :slight_smile:
As you already know cases of this kind usually clear up after a reasonably short time, some without the intervention of medication.

Headache, I personally wouldn’t ignore it in this case. For peace of mind seek advice from your doctor :)xB

Second opinion could ease your mind, and start asking a lot of questions. Read about the problems online to come up with a good set of things that bother you. Jerry

Dear Liz
My 3yo daughter is experiencing the same as yours. We are at roughly six week till symptoms began.
I would like to ask you how it went for your daughter, did she recover?

Thanks in advance